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Monday, February 28, 2011


Well, I put up a fails video for sledding that you can check out here: http://www.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?xl=xl_blazer&v=Rgoojf1MDns

It's tough to be an editor... After the filming process is done, it's really up to me to make sure the video is beautiful and gets on YouTube. I am notoriously slow at finishing videos cause I want them to be perfect. I also got FinalCut Express 4 and I'm fooling with all sorts of Vissual effects (VFX) and stuff. Ive only done a few VFX videos, and they mostly involved knives. I think my most challenging video to edit was "What not to do at PCA" just because it was long and we had the shots out of order, and there were multiple shots, and I only had iMovie to work with.

I am always open to criticism, constructive or deconstructive. Please tell me what to do better! The audience knows best. Somehow that reminds me of the government that governs best governs least... Which I will now twist to, "the video is best which is edited least." I believe that the less tampering with the original shot that we have the better the video. For example, if I do soley VFX blood in the next zombie movie it's gonna look lame. Being the editor I need to find the happy median between VFX and reality. Random fact: the spinning hallways in inception were actual props.

I think that's all...


I am obsessed with MineCraft!!!!!!!!!

And I don't even own it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Friday, February 25, 2011


So I finally decided to make a twitter account... So uh i need followers apparently. My twitter is ahandgesture.


how can u power the spaceship?

Well almost 500 views, keep on truckin' Heeeya!


Does this even do anything useful?

We, have painted my room electric orange. 'Nuff said.
 Twitter: Shvesley


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


LOOK IT UP MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like to not walk backwards

SOOOOOOOOO, I am redoing my room and I have spent the whole day scraping dolphin wallpaper of my, uh, well, walls. The dolphins were not my choice; a pre-teen girl lived in the room before I did and I guess the blue dolphins complemented the pink carpet. Yes I have pink carpet, but if you squint it sort of looks tan so what now?! Oh ya, the scraping. Me and Hackee have been chipping away at this pesky wallpaper for over 6  hours. While we are doing this we are constantly rearranging the furniture which (lucky us) is covered in 400 lbs of legos. So while we zip lock all that stands in our way we listen to the wonderful novel, The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom; or Ten BAHM as the reader pronounces it. And alas, Hackee has left me for homework, so now I sit in my basement (which is probably where I will sleep tonight) and type briskly at the keyboard. Hazzah!


Monday, February 21, 2011

BFBC2 Vietnam

Alright, so I finally downloaded BFBC2 vietnam and it is awesome. However, I had a weird first experience... I logged into the vietnam screen and it said i was rank zero. So I thought, "ok, your stats don't carry over" But then after my first match it said I had -720 points and then it added my 720 point score leaving me with 0 xp. I thought that was really weird, but then it happened the next two rounds. By that time I had to go, so I couldn't exit and retry. I haven't played it since (I'm about 650 miles from my xbox right now). Has anyone had this problem? Please comment to tell me whether or not this has happened to you.

Tristan (XBL-ahandgesture)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New videos

We got a few new vids up. Here is our most recent, and favorite of all time.


where is the inn on counterfeit island?

My last show for the play I am in is tomorrow. It is called Way Da Go Dad and I am the Dad, go figure....I am in the title! Thats a first....Yeah, so it is kinda good kinda bad because it is always depressing when a show ends because you have nothing to do with your free time, but it is good because you have nothing to do in your free time.....sooooo, ya. My good friend and mentor actually wrote the play. It is wicked cool because I got to talk to him about the whole thing and actors do not get a chance to do that everyday. It is a wicked funny show and it was a blast to preform, but heck, maybe I will finally become a Lt. Colonel in Halo: Reach.....

Friday, February 18, 2011

Civil Air Patrol

So at CAP last night we had Physical training (PT). PT is like boot camp for only 2.5 hours. It's been about 18 hours since then, and I am still very sore. One thing I suggest if you ever do a PT at CAP is not eating too much before you go... I felt nauseas like all night. We did this excersise called cross fit Cindy which was made by a 14 year old 98 pound girl, but she must be beast. We had 5 stations: bear crawls and suicides (both the width of the hanger), flutter kicks, squats, and squat thrusts. We had 3 minutes at each station and 2 rotations... After the "warm-ups" those were torture....

Tristan out

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Looks like wes changed the design back...

Monday, February 14, 2011


I told you I would change the design! It looks cool... Yet simple... Anyway, did you see what I did with the title? look with the O.o strategically placed? well i thought it was clever... lol


Blackle.com is a google search engine website thing that does a normal google search. The special thing about it is that most non-essential parts are black. The website claims to save 2,328,526.253 watts per hour which is pretty flipping awesome. To honor the energy saving awesomeness, our blog will go darker, but probably not black. SAVE THE TREES MAN!!!! On another note, today was valentines day which is just another day to me... I'm also reading "the maze runner" which is awesome, so check it out if you want to.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


For the poor souls out there who are missing out....

       Xbox 360                         PC                               PS3

Call of Duty

So I'm not normally one to play much COD. I generally play Battlefield or even MOH. However, I've recently started to play COD. I played MW and MW2 for the campaign, but not really the multiplayer. I've been ranking up pretty fast in MW2, but the game gets annoying after a while, what with all the noob toobers and spawn campers. So I switched to MW. THE MULTIPLAYER IS FANTASTIC!!! It is so much better. The matches are paired better, guns are better (even though there are less) and the players actually have some skill to compete against. I've been using the AK-47 and USP .45 and the AK rocks. I don't really know why I like COD 4's multiplayer better, but I do. It feels more professional.

Tristan out.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sks further info

So I looked at the SKS at the shop today, and I found out some further info, just by looking at the reciever. So the first two digits of the serial number were 11, and 11+56=67 meaning the rifle was manufactured in 1967. There was also a triangle with the number 26 in it. This is the factory code, and this particular code is for the oldest state owned armory (pre-WWI). So to recap, Norinco SKS 1967 with spike bayonet for $225. I really want the gun, so if mom or dad are reading this, do some serious thinking! The amazon link is for an aftermarket stock (swap out internals).

Friday, February 11, 2011


So at a local gun shop I saw a Chinese Norinco SKS. It's pre-ban meaning it has a bayonet, also, I checked the upper receiver and it had a factory code on it, which most likely means that it has seen combat/been with the military. I asked my mom if I could get a rifle, and she said we could talk about it.... So maybe, just maybe I can get a rifle.... Also, it has a rather attractive price of $225. AND THE WOOD IS SEXY!!!! the wood is actually really beat up, but it is so smooth and gnarly, and ahhhhh its beautiful!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


GOOOOO PATRIOTS GO PATRIOTS GO!!!!!!! wait.... Dangit.... *sigh* well, superbowl is over, packers won, and I just lost 50 bucks.


SUPER BOWL today! YA! WOOHOO! Aww crap, I got to learn my lines for my play.....oh well, go Steelers!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So here in southern NH we are getting like 3 feet of snow today, and our driveway is like 1200 sq. feet. So thats a lot of snow.... Also, our snow blower isn't working so this might get interesting... Also, new video posted: http://www.youtube.com/user/DynaDuctINC?feature=mhum#p/u

SNOOOOOWWZZZZOOOOOORR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !*FACEMELTS

There is so much friggin so its UNFRIGGINBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *PUDDLE OF FACE CRYSTALIZES, THEN MELTS AGAIN* BLAHHHGGGGGHGH!!!!!!!!! oh snap, I got to shovel.......