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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

So this is some good 'ol N2O or laughing gas used for making whipped cream... however, one would assume you could use it for recreational purposes, and it is a lot of fun. Oh, it also smells REALLY good...

Disclaimer: Bodily/mental harm is not my fault...

New youtube vids incoming!

Quick! Everyone duck in cover! Not really... Anyway, I have been hard at work, (ok fine, sorta hard at work) stopping only to play minecraft classic, editing 4 new videos. One of them is a new Haphazard Escapades, Death Shrub (WIP), a sledding video, and some skiing vids (might trash because of crappy footage). Along with that, I have at least one minor upload of logan gone crazy. In the new HE I will be unveiling an awesome new title (maybe, still need to learn to use livetype), and death shrub's title is beautiful.

Today I also had oral surgery to remove my impacted upper right canine. Laughing gas is awesome, and IV anesthesia is weird... I couldn't find the armrest with the laughing gas even though my arm was on it... And you don't remember falling asleep with the anesthesia either... You just feel drowsy then you find out the operation is over... Anyway, sore teeth now, and a Harry Potter marathon tomorrow with Logan and Wes.

See ya,


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

World view?

Some people may be for world peace or no hunger in the world or everyone-be-able-to-read-and-write-world. Me? My view is world domination. And the day Poland takes over the world, I'll eat my head. What is your world view? Comment and tell us!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Contest winning picture

Well, here is the photo that Emi submitted to the contest.
This is the original size.

Contest is over

Ok, so it actually ended yesterday, but oh well... And the winner (and only submitter) to the contest is...... Emi! Or Mz or whatever else people call you... So yah. You will get special recognition in our summer 2011 zombie movie... It's gonna be huge. Stay tuned for more contest info. We'll be getting the picture that she submitted up pretty soon.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

My rib

Tristan again. Ok so on monday I go over to wes's house to go sledding. We build this awesome jump and cover it with slush. We go inside to watch some videos recorded with my new GoPro Hero HD while the slush freezes. So now we have an icy jump. We all go off it a few times, then I decide to go down in a one knee kneeling position. I fly off the jump and land sideways with my left arm underneath my lower left rib. I couldn't breath... It hurt like crazy. I thought I was fine, just bruised ya know? But then today we go down to Boston (HAPPY NEW YEAR BTW) and I decide to try to get on top of a low 4 or 5 foot wall. While I'm climbing up, my left ribs basically get used as a grappling hook while I'm climbing up. I felt them move and crack... That hurt like freaking heck. So now I'm thinking I either bruised it wicked bad, or I could have possibly partially dislocated it or cracked it (is spraining possible? The only reason I'm typing this so late is because everytime I turn it's like someone's stabbing me... And I've been stabbed in the hand (not self inflicted) so I know what it feels like. Actually, it's not a stab feeling it's a wicked sharp yet dull throbbing persistent pain... Anyway, I'll try to sleep now... Agh my rib hurts so much! Look for a video of the sledding soon.

A 1968 classic

Tristan here. I finally got around to watching the night of the living dead. In my opinion the movie was excellent, but the ending WAS SO LAME! anyway, 4 stars out of 5

what do u do if the passcode is right for the teleporter and it says invalid?

The title for this blog entry was just one of the suggestions that showed up on my computer. Don't know why, when, or what, but I just figured it would harness the power of PUTNAM  and everything would just work out. Oh, we finally entered the tax info for adsense so we can make a little bit of dough from this whole gig. Boy, I think I sounded  a little British right then. There it is again..... Blimey thats ruddy brilient'