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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Call of Duty

So I'm not normally one to play much COD. I generally play Battlefield or even MOH. However, I've recently started to play COD. I played MW and MW2 for the campaign, but not really the multiplayer. I've been ranking up pretty fast in MW2, but the game gets annoying after a while, what with all the noob toobers and spawn campers. So I switched to MW. THE MULTIPLAYER IS FANTASTIC!!! It is so much better. The matches are paired better, guns are better (even though there are less) and the players actually have some skill to compete against. I've been using the AK-47 and USP .45 and the AK rocks. I don't really know why I like COD 4's multiplayer better, but I do. It feels more professional.

Tristan out.

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