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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Channel Redesign!

We have been working with another youtuber by the name of AviatorStudios in order to produce a new channel background. While the design has been posted for a while no other changes where made. Now, however all the colours have been specialized and the background image has been further modified. I believe the end result was quite successful and, to say the least, a step up from the previous design. Take a look at the picture below...

What do you think? First reaction? Opinion? Tell us your take on the channel redesign in the comment section below.

Also, here is a link to the channel.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Unravelling the Universe

Ok, so we at DynaDuct have a weird universe, first off, we have zombies, Mr. Umbrella Man, and Finger Guns. So how does this tie together? Well, we haven't introduced Mr. Umbrella Man's corporation is "The Rain".  Quite obviously, Mr. Umbrella Man (MUM) and The Rain are not entirely natural, they are imbued with supernatural properties. In order to survive, they must feed off the sanity of those around them, only by doing this will they remain sane. There is a side effect to this sanity sapping however... The side effect is that the feeding of sanity leaves the victims in a state where their broken insane minds push them to feed upon any living sane creature. This is where the zombies come from, and the brain eating is merely an attempt to regain sanity. Finger guns come into play as a special technology called "The Index" was stolen from The Rain and MUM by a group known as "(VOTE IN THE POLL)". The Index allows anything you think of to become a reality; albiet invisible. Currently the technology is in beta testing and can currently not handle anything larger than a Tardis; if anything large is thought of and attempted to make real, then the user would implode then subsequently explode while dissolving. . . Not a good way to die. The Index was recently retaken by The Rain, and it is currently being held out West. The story shall continue in: Finger Warfare: Double Digits...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How is it going in the world of Tamriel?

You know when you are obsessed when you try to draw your Two-Handed battle-axe in real life. Yeah, that is right, you know it. Any-who, I am a level 21 Nord specializing in Two-Handed weaponry. I am the Arch-mage of  the College of Winterhold and a member of the Dark Brotherhood. I have killed numerous dragons on my ventures in Skyrim and have gathered a decent amount of shouts. One of my favourites, being the freezing shout. Freezing bears in much fun indeed. I am terrible at stealth though. Whenever I preform a D.B. contract I usually end up axing my target in the middle of the local tavern and wind up landing myself in prison. Thy accursed Cidhna Mine! I have lost many hours of progress because I was trapped in that dark little hole. To say the least, I am a very obtrusive assassin. Have you ever enchanted anything? It is quite satisfying. That is probably my favourite past time in Skyrim. Enchanting stuff. Yuppers. I have not seen any major glitches so far, except maybe the stupid mine. Nevertheless, I have witnessed my fair share of odd events. For instance, I excited the D.B. Sanctuary and a giant dragon skeleton landed right in front of me. I was so startled. Another time, I fell of a ledge and was stuck in a fissure until I was forced to re load from a previous save point. One other fail occurred when the game kept playing the same audio over and over again...I keep trying to slim down my side-quest list to no avail. There is just too much stuff to do! I decide to just do one little quest and it turns into this world changing campaign to liberate Skyrim or something. In other words, if you do not have this game. Get. It Now.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Well, it has been a while since the last blog post. Which is a statement that has probably been the death of many many blogs across the vast blogosphere...Well, have no fear! The blog is not dead, just really busy. It is as simple as that. We are much to busy with school in session, four schools at that.  So, jut lower all of your expectations for videos and content and everything will be good. Actually, we might have a music video in the works if I can work things out. That would be incredibly cool, for we have never done a music video before. Now, that I am thinking about it filming Finger Warfare: Double Digits could be pretty easy. Honestly, Finger Warfare was one of the easier movies to film. It only took a couple of hours, but post production was like two months. I really enjoy filming the action sequences. Huzzah, not that I am inspired I will have to right down some ideas. I am thinking of making it sort of like a western. There will defiantly be revolvers...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Moment of silence, for the COWS!

Halloween was fun. Yeah, got some candy. Not much else to spake about. We will film something eventually, but we are all still re organizing. Since we are trying to coordinate between four different schools, plans go awry. I laugh, my Dad was vacuuming and the dog barked and he was like "Agch! Kennel!!!" Right, umm. Yeah, I want to get out and film something, but it will have to take place on a break or something at this point, well maybe. Me and Hackee can probably do something that is not that extensive, but remains a good video. Who knows. On another note Finger Warfare is still doing surprisingly well. It is nearing 1000 views and is currently our most popular video. Dead Waters is preforming OK, but the fact that it is quite a long video leaves it unappealing to outsiders. I still love it though. Someone actually asked me when part two would be coming out. I was over whelmed with merriment. Huzzah!

Battlefield 3 is still fantastic and....I need to clean my room

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I have a decent idea

I want to make a video.... But I think its sort of different from our norm. The video will be called something like Continuum Core, where it is basically a super soldier or two from the future who travel through time to stop catastrophic events...  I still have to think about what the plot will be... I either want it to be killing like Hitler, or someone else important... Maybe good 'ol Jo Stalin?