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DynaDuctINC produces short films made for the internet. You can find us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. Be sure to check out our videos. We love making movies and to show your support you can subscribe to our channel on YouTube or you can send us an email at dynaduct@gmail.com

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some updates..

We have done a crap job at posting this month haven't we...

Anywho, like Tristan has said, we have a black and white zombie movie coming out. I would like to say tomorrow, but it will probably come out this weekend. We have a friend named Meghan working on it. It's a little different than Tristan, (Perma Editor) but he has been incapacitated by Finger Warfare 2. What? What is that? Exactly...*internet strangle*

Also, Of Jacks and Jokers is now getting a nice custom soundtrack by our friend DrNastas. Look him up. He has some crazy music going on.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Updates and Stuff

So I just feel like I should give you guys a quick update on what is happening in DynaDuct. We currently have 3 videos in progress: Of Jacks and Jokers, a black and white zombie film, and of course FW2. Jacks and Jokers is getting its music made right now by another youtuber (DrNastas), and as soon as that is done I'll get it up. BaW zombies is being done by meghan from TheFlynny45 and TheVlog4. And I am still doing FW2 (learning after effects for the VFX).