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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Unravelling the Universe

Ok, so we at DynaDuct have a weird universe, first off, we have zombies, Mr. Umbrella Man, and Finger Guns. So how does this tie together? Well, we haven't introduced Mr. Umbrella Man's corporation is "The Rain".  Quite obviously, Mr. Umbrella Man (MUM) and The Rain are not entirely natural, they are imbued with supernatural properties. In order to survive, they must feed off the sanity of those around them, only by doing this will they remain sane. There is a side effect to this sanity sapping however... The side effect is that the feeding of sanity leaves the victims in a state where their broken insane minds push them to feed upon any living sane creature. This is where the zombies come from, and the brain eating is merely an attempt to regain sanity. Finger guns come into play as a special technology called "The Index" was stolen from The Rain and MUM by a group known as "(VOTE IN THE POLL)". The Index allows anything you think of to become a reality; albiet invisible. Currently the technology is in beta testing and can currently not handle anything larger than a Tardis; if anything large is thought of and attempted to make real, then the user would implode then subsequently explode while dissolving. . . Not a good way to die. The Index was recently retaken by The Rain, and it is currently being held out West. The story shall continue in: Finger Warfare: Double Digits...