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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Moment of silence, for the COWS!

Halloween was fun. Yeah, got some candy. Not much else to spake about. We will film something eventually, but we are all still re organizing. Since we are trying to coordinate between four different schools, plans go awry. I laugh, my Dad was vacuuming and the dog barked and he was like "Agch! Kennel!!!" Right, umm. Yeah, I want to get out and film something, but it will have to take place on a break or something at this point, well maybe. Me and Hackee can probably do something that is not that extensive, but remains a good video. Who knows. On another note Finger Warfare is still doing surprisingly well. It is nearing 1000 views and is currently our most popular video. Dead Waters is preforming OK, but the fact that it is quite a long video leaves it unappealing to outsiders. I still love it though. Someone actually asked me when part two would be coming out. I was over whelmed with merriment. Huzzah!

Battlefield 3 is still fantastic and....I need to clean my room

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