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What should Tristan's forge be named?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

World view?

Some people may be for world peace or no hunger in the world or everyone-be-able-to-read-and-write-world. Me? My view is world domination. And the day Poland takes over the world, I'll eat my head. What is your world view? Comment and tell us!



  1. Hello Tristan.
    Personally, my world view is for everyone to be able to read and write and draw because that's what I like to do.

    Kristen Kaichen

    P.S. Let me know how eating your head works out for you.

  2. @Kristen If to have ever read Oliver twist, you know about mr grimwig and how he always threatens to eat his head. I would actually love to abolish poverty in the world, because that is the first step to no world hunger and reading and writing. World peace would make way too many people lose their jobs.


  3. Why would everyone lose their jobs?

  4. Well, there would be almost no need for a military... So people would lose there jobs.


  5. IC

    P.S. i started reading oliver twist this morning and finished around lunch. Also, purchased the hunger games today.

  6. Sorry, anonymous is supposed to be Kristen