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Friday, January 21, 2011

New youtube vids incoming!

Quick! Everyone duck in cover! Not really... Anyway, I have been hard at work, (ok fine, sorta hard at work) stopping only to play minecraft classic, editing 4 new videos. One of them is a new Haphazard Escapades, Death Shrub (WIP), a sledding video, and some skiing vids (might trash because of crappy footage). Along with that, I have at least one minor upload of logan gone crazy. In the new HE I will be unveiling an awesome new title (maybe, still need to learn to use livetype), and death shrub's title is beautiful.

Today I also had oral surgery to remove my impacted upper right canine. Laughing gas is awesome, and IV anesthesia is weird... I couldn't find the armrest with the laughing gas even though my arm was on it... And you don't remember falling asleep with the anesthesia either... You just feel drowsy then you find out the operation is over... Anyway, sore teeth now, and a Harry Potter marathon tomorrow with Logan and Wes.

See ya,


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