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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

EA Technical Support Conversation 1+ Hours over one little fix...

I just needed to unlink my XBL profile from an EA account and then link it to my new one. The following conversation took up and hour of my life.

 Deepak: Hi, my name is Deepak. How may I help you?
shvesley : Yes
shvesley: Umm.
shvesley: I redeemed a cerberus network code online and now I can't link my account to my gamertag
 Deepak: May I have your gamertag please?
shvesley: Mr Shvesley
 Deepak: alright
 Deepak: May I have the account with which you want to link this gamertag?
shvesley: The Master EA ID is Shvesley
shvesley: or *********
 Deepak: alright
shvesley: thats the email I made it with
 Deepak: may I know the email address with which this gamertag is currently linked?
shvesley: *********
shvesley: Hehe I use it for everything :D
 Deepak: I am sorry this gamertag is not linked to *********
shvesley: ?
shvesley: It's not?
shvesley: one second
shvesley: let me try to sign in
 Deepak: ok
shvesley: I signed in to xbox.com with my email and it worked fine
shvesley: and the gamertag is Mr Shvesley
shvesley: hmm
shvesley: did I give you the wrong email?
 Deepak: I can only provide you the domain.
shvesley: ********* is my WIndows Live ID email sign in
shvesley: What does that mean?
 Deepak: that email address ends with @gmail.com
shvesley: is it &&&&&&&?
shvesley: I think I used to use that for my gamertag
shvesley: is that right?
 Deepak: Yes correct
shvesley: Ok
shvesley: but fyi that is technically the right email anymore becasue I changed it
shvesley: hmm
 Deepak: So you want to transfer it from %%% to *** correct
shvesley: Yes Please
shvesley: :)
 Deepak: Please provide me the date of birth linked with &&&&&&&
shvesley: october 13th 1969
shvesley: 10/13/1969
shvesley: that should be right ;)
shvesley: oh winky face
 Deepak: Sorry both are incorrect
shvesley: ?
shvesley: 10/13/1977
 Deepak: This is also incorrect
shvesley: wah?
shvesley: 10/13/1996
shvesley: is that right for &&&&&&&?
shvesley: Did i work?
shvesley: *it
shvesley: Ummm
 Deepak: I am sorry it is again incorrect
shvesley: HMM
shvesley: 7/7/1977?
 Deepak: Please take your time and try to recall the correct date of birth
 Deepak: and then provide it to me
shvesley: You are sure it is not 10/13/1969 or 10/13/1977 or 10/13/1996 or 7/7/1977
 Deepak: Yes, all these dates are incorrect
shvesley: 1/1/1977 or 1/1/1969?
shvesley: Wait I can check my account on xbox.com
 Deepak: alright
shvesley: October, 13, 1969
 Deepak: It is again incorrect
shvesley: doh
shvesley: one sec
shvesley: umm that is what it says
shvesley: When I logged in to my Windows Live ID
shvesley: via passport.com
shvesley: and clicked on the account button
shvesley: October 13th, 1969 is the birth date displayed.
shvesley: for the email
shvesley: &&&&&&&
 Deepak: But this date of birth is not registered with your account &&&&&&&
shvesley: But that is what it says?
shvesley: In the account info
shvesley: ahghg
shvesley: Am I correct in assuming the birth date you are looking for is the one associated with &&&&&&& which is associated with a Windows Live ID that used to be linked to the Gamertag Mr Shvesley?
 Deepak: Yes
shvesley: October 13, 1969
shvesley: I copied and pasted that are you POSITIVE it is not right?
shvesley\ Can you refresh the information or something?
shvesley: Because that is the birth date displayed
 Deepak: I would like to inform you that their is no way to check the date of birth registered with your EA account.
shvesley: oh
shvesley: that bday
shvesley: I don't think I put that in
shvesley: Wait
shvesley: Ahh
 Deepak: You just need to recall what you have put at the time of registering the account
shvesley: I don't even use the email &&&&&&& anymore for xboxlive I linked my gamertag to ********* so why do you need the old email?
shvesley: hmm
 Deepak: Your gamertag is still linked with *********
shvesley: Yes!
shvesley: it is!
shvesley: But you said it was not :(
 Deepak: Sorry your gamertag is still linked with %%%%%%%%%%%%
shvesley: That is confusing
shvesley: You just said it was the other email
 Deepak: No, that was typed by mistake
shvesley: oh ok
shvesley: Well there must be a problem with your information because when I log in to my gamertag I use *********
shvesley: Can you refresh your info or something?
 Deepak: Yes I have done it, the data base is giving the correct information.
shvesley: Is it possible the database is wrong? Because I logged in to my gamertag with ********* in the last 30 minutes
 Deepak: It is not possible
shvesley: My bioware social network is also registered with ********* 
shvesley: if that helps
shvesley: but I don't think it does...
shvesley: hmm
shvesley: This poses a problem
shvesley: Can you unlink Mr Shvesley from ALL existing EA accounts?
 Deepak: To do this also I need the date of birth
shvesley: I c
shvesley: October 13 1969 is the one listed 
shvesley: That is the birth date associated with my gamertag
 Deepak: But it is not registered under your EA account.
shvesley: Oh
shvesley: Well I will make it that
 Deepak: alright
shvesley: Can you help me change it?
shvesley: I dont see an add birthday button 
shvesley: I felt stupid saying that
shvesley: haha
 Deepak: I would like to inform you that their is no such option available to change or add the date of birth once you registeredit.
shvesley: I dont recall entering a birthday :(
shvesley: Well that blows
shvesley: Hmm
shvesley: Can I delete my account
shvesley: then re register it?
shvesley: with that birthday?
 Deepak: It is also not possible without verifying the account
shvesley: how do i verify?
 Deepak: And the only unique way to verify the account is providing the date of birth.
shvesley: Crud so I am kinda screwed
shvesley: October 13 1996 
shvesley: is my birthday
shvesley: is that  the one I used?
 Deepak: But you have registered any other date of birth other than 13th oct 1996
shvesley: It must have been a typo!!! NOOOOO
shvesley: Is there any other way I can confirm?
 Deepak I am sorry no other way
shvesley: How can I see what bday I registered on ea.com with?
 Deepak: I am sorry their is no way to check what bday you registered on ea.com with
shvesley: Why not?
 Deepak: Due to security reasons
shvesley: ?
shvesley: The person cannot see their own birthday
shvesley: Nevermind...
shvesley: Can I delete my account without the birthday stuff
 Deepak: I am sorry it is not possioble
shvesley: because I must have entered a typo 
shvesley: or something
shvesley: because that is the birthday I use
shvesley: Is it close to being right?
 Deepak: No
shvesley: Good golly
shvesley: I am so confused
shvesley: Is it the birthday I used when I made a battlefield heroes account?
shvesley: I made that before I made an ea account
 Deepak: I only need the date of birth linked with %%%%%%%%%%%%
shvesley: Ok.
shvesley: I am on a quest.
shvesley: To figure out this birthday.
 Deepak: Yes
shvesley: One moment please.
 Deepak: alright
shvesley: Wait.
shvesley: If I sign in to the &&&&&&& it will sign me out of this and I cant talk.
shvesley: One moment please.
 Deepak: ok
shvesley: ok
shvesley: So I logged into the &&&&&&&
shvesley: ea account
shvesley: and my gamertag was listed under the personas
shvesley: there can I remove it?
 Deepak: No, it is not possible
shvesley: Really?
shvesley: Noo
shvesley: Wait
shvesley: I can change the email associated with that account
shvesley: right
shvesley: ok
shvesley: bwaahaha
shvesley: I think this will work
 Deepak: Yes
shvesley: And then the account with my gamertag will be linked to *********
 Deepak: Visit this link
 Deepak: " http://support.ea.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/57/kw/change%20email%20address
 shvesley: I am on my way
shvesley: to victory!
 Deepak: Yes you are
shvesley: ok
shvesley: I have to change the email on this account first
shvesley: to make ********* available
 Deepak: Yes
shvesley: that wont mess up this chat right?
shvesley: Aghg I have to run between my basement and my second story room\
shvesley: out
shvesley: of
shvesley: breath
shvesley: ahg
shvesley: OK
shvesley: This account's email is now ###########
shvesley: I am going to change the other accoutns email to ********* now
 Deepak: alright
shvesley: it is finished
shvesley: but umm
shvesley: not really sure what that accomplishes 
shvesley: hmm
shvesley: Is my BioWare social network linked to this account (the one i am talking to you with)?
shvesley: Because if so this was all for nothing unless that can be changed....
 Deepak: may I know have you ever tried to login to bioware account using *********?
shvesley: Yes I have
shvesley: that is the email associated with my bioware account that the cerberus network was activated on
 Deepak: alright
shvesley: I am trying to figure out how to connect my bioware account to my ea account
shvesley which is connected to my gamertag
shvesley: blah
shvesley: does that make sense?
 Deepak: So are trying to link your gamertag with ********* if I am right?
shvesley: Umm yes and no
shvesley: my windows live id is already *********
shvesley: but my bioware account is not connected to ea or my gamertag in anyway
shvesley: unless it connects automatically
shvesley: based on email
shvesley: hello?
 Deepak: I am transferring your chat to the senior support for the further assistance regarding this issue.
shvesley: Ok.
shvesley: Thanks!
shvesley: You have been fun to talk to!
 Deepak: Yes
 Deepak: You are welcome.
 Deepak: Please stay online for a moment
shvesley: ok
 Deepak has disconnected.
 Aaron G.: Hi, my name is Aaron G.. How may I help you?
shvesley: Hello
 Aaron G.: How are you doing today?
shvesley: I am quite well actually
shvesley: I have some work to catch up on, but well
shvesley: well ya
shvesley: Soo
 Aaron G.: I see your issue
 Aaron G.: You don't have to repeat
shvesley: Did you see the previous conversation?
shvesley: Ok ya probably...
shvesley: So, ya
shvesley: Do I have to connect my bioware account to my ea account or my gamertag?
shvesley: Sorry if I repeated that...
 Aaron G.: Gamertag account
shvesley: Ok.
 Aaron G.: But we can sync it all together if you like
shvesley: YES PLEASE
 Aaron G.: What is your Bioware account exactly?
shvesley: Shvesley
shvesley: the email is *********
 Aaron G.: Also what is your date of birth?
shvesley: For what site?
shvesley: BioWare?
shvesley: october 13?
shvesley: Hello?
shvesley: Heello?
shvesley : For what site?
 Aaron G.: Well the gamertag account
 Aaron G.: Just the normal
shvesley: Oh my gamertag bday is 10/13/1969
shvesley: october 13 1969
 Aaron G.: Ok just for gamertag verification what is your Battlefield rank?
shvesley: bad company?
shvesley: 2?
 Aaron G.: Yes
shvesley: oh jeez umm 17ish?
shvesley: I barrowed that from a friend
shvesley: I can look it up maybe though
shvesley: Is that right?
 Aaron G.: Yes try to get it as close as possible
shvesley: ok, wait its right?
 Aaron G.: Checking
 Aaron G.: Ok looks good
shvesley: Oh ok
shvesley: is it working?
 Aaron G.: One second making sure all stats are linked
shvesley: ok!
shvesley: So my bioware account is linked to my gamertag (Mr Shvesley) 
 Aaron G.: Bioware account is on   ########### right?
shvesley: No.
shvesley: It is *********
 Aaron G.: Well if that is the case the account is already on there
shvesley: The account I am talking to you with is not linked to my gamertag or bioware
shvesley: ?
shvesley: So my gamertag is linked to bioware. 
 Aaron G.: Checking now
shvesley: Ok
shvesley: Ya there was all these issues with emails and stuff so I had to change the email of the ea account that had my gamertag on it
 Aaron G.: What email do you use to log into Bioware?
shvesley: ********* 
shvesley: :)
 Aaron G.: What do you have on Bioware?
 Aaron G.: It is telling me to make a new account
shvesley: I redeemed my cerberus network code on that account
shvesley: thats why it needs to be connected to my gamertag
shvesley: (Mr Shvesley)
 Aaron G.: Hmm I will just give you another one
shvesley: Ok.
 Aaron G.: It all seems to be set now as far as I can see
shvesley: Ok.
shvesley: So
shvesley: I log in to my bioware account via ********* then what?
shvesley: Or I make a new account via the Mass Effect 2 in game menu options?
shvesley: The account I am taking to you with is not my main ea.com account FYI 
shvesley: If that makes a difference
 Aaron G.: It is the gamertag account
shvesley: What is the gamertag account?
shvesley: OOO
shvesley: The account I am logged in as now is associated with my gamertag?
shvesley: Victory!
shvesley: Sorta...
 Aaron G.: Yes
 Aaron G.: Redeem this code ---------------
shvesley: Ok. Good.
shvesley: where do i redeem it?
shvesley: I do not see my gamertag listed under my account identities
 Aaron G.: You redeem it in game
shvesley: OK.
 Aaron G.: You will never see the bioware account on Xbox
shvesley: OK. Ill jut follow the in game instructions
shvesley: and if I use the email ********* 
shvesley: it will register fine?
shvesley: Even though that is already in use in an existing ea.com account?
 Aaron G.: Yes
shvesley: Ok!
 Aaron G.: It would all link fine if you use that email
shvesley: Thank you for your help!
 Aaron G.: No problem
shvesley: Bye!


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