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What should Tristan's forge be named?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Tristan has informed me that Dead Waters Part One will be ready soon. That is good! On a side note, I (wes) filmed a short video with a scene from monty python in mind....

Also, here is my application for admin on a Minecraft server.

  Being an Admin is much more than being an Administrator over others. For years the Internet been in existence, and for years there have been Admins dwelling in that existence. The honour bestowed upon someone to become an Admin, Moderator, or Inhibitor, or Mediator is the highest achievement in all of cyberspace. Why do I want to be an Admin? To make a difference. To help, to change. To be a voice for the people. An Admin cannot stand by and watch while others are being hurt. It is there duty to act in such matters. To put themselves on the line for others, to not be satisfied to sit back and watch as citizens of, in this case a Minecraft Server, are harshly treated. An Admin must act. And Admin must do what is right and what is just. But there can be no justice if law is absolute. That is why an Admin cannot be replaced. That is why they will likely never be replaced. A computer can never accomplish what an Admin's duty is. They will rule our lives, but they can never save us from ourselves.
     And of course, Admins are not just there to be the protectors they are there to encourage other players and to help them in any way, mean, shape or form. Admins must be involved with the people, they must be the people themselves. To do their job right Admins must analyze and predict others needs, they have to be aware of the comings and goings of the players. They have to contribute to the world hey are set to assist. They must care about the players they have authority over. They must be careful not to abuse their power as well. Power is a risky device and it can cause irreversible amounts of damage when not in the right hands. One must be careful in how oneself uses power for it could lead to downfall.
     That is what an Admin is, that is what an Admin must be. I believe I can be a solid Administrator in for this Minecraft server. I will do my best to protect the people, assist the people and be the people. I will not abuse power, but make use of it for the betterment of the server. This I will do with all my strength. 

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