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What should Tristan's forge be named?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby time. Minecraft Server time.

We'll if you are wondering about the absence of blog posts it is because my mother dearest just had another child. This new little sister has been quite a handful and she has been keeping me readily incapacitated. When I am not dealing with my sister I am playing Minecraft with Ethan and Tristan. etrith.hopto.org is the IP if your interested. It is a faction/mcmmo/rpg/medieval server. All of the factions are based of Game of Thrones. It's fun stuff. We maxed out all 15 slots when we made it public yesterday. Since then people have dabbled.

Finger Warfare 2 is nearing completion and I have started writing some scripts for upcoming films. Tristan is also going to remaster When Zombies Strike with FCE. Tristan has also almost completed his forge. We are going to be able to forge our own weapons for the medieval movie. Who else does that! 

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