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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Wes told me that I should write a post about my chainmaille, so here goes. So the chainmaille is 16-18 gauge mild steel, and the rings are butted. It was $150 dollars from here (Warning, NSFW). It weighs about 30 pounds but is very fluid and the weight is distributed fairly well; especially with a belt. It came covered in grease, so I washed it off in the sink with some dish detergent then sprayed it with a little bit of WD40 (although something called fluid film works better). Washing then re-oiling seems counter productive, but the oil is a lot less nasty than the grease. It is currently stored in a bin with a towel on the bottom and top to absorb moisture. Chainmaille is great. If you're a nerd, you should definitely get some. If you want something less functional and lighter (12 pounds) check out thinkgeek's aluminum chainmaille shirt.

Hasta Luego!

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