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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New video, and matte painting attempt

So yesterday, we filmed a short video (and by short I mean it's about 4 minutes long). It's an action movie with some espionage like themes. It has like 2 muzzle flares, so I can probably get it up really soon and hold you over for FW2. So here is the plot. An operative is sent in to rescue a hostage being held by a member of The Rain. When he gets there, he unties the captive and is confronted by the member of The Rain. The operative is given a choice. You will have to watch the video when it comes out to see how it ends. I had a lot of fun (cold, but fun) acting the part of The Rain, and I talk with a Russian accent the entire time which is pretty fun. On an unrelated note, I also tried my hand at matte painting. I did this on my phone and it is only a still image, so if I were to do it in GIMP the right way, it could be much better. Oh, and looking at it on my phone made it look better than it is... lol.

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