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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finger Warfare 2, TODAY!

So, here is the deal. We are filming Finger Warfare 2 today. Yes, today. There is no "Oh, well get to it next weekend." crap. It is today and today only. We are going to begin filming at 12:00 o clock. It is 9:55 as I write this now. Do the math. For Finger Warfare 2 we decided to get a good microphone, the Zoom  H1 Audio Recorder. A the moment it is currently duct taped to my tripod. Like a boss. There is going to be 12 people there I think and we have the whole thing planned out.  So, so, so much planning went into this. That is why you have not heard about it sooner. My nights have been spent making phone calls, spray painting boxes, gathering props, and getting the plot line down. This. Is. It. No going back. Finger Warfare 2 is going to be filmed in less than 3 hours.

Let me tell you a bit about the mic. It's awesome. Yeah. 

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