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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Re: If I delete my Ubuntu partition will it merge with my other unallocated partition

We are formulating our plans for DynaDuctINC's next big hit. If you can call what we have now hits that is, ummm ya. So we know what it has too look like. And that's pretty much it. We need to make a script, gather props, gather equipment. I think I really need a good microphone for this one. Maybe a Zoom. Ya, a Zoom. And I will probably need to build a camera mount rig thingy. Hmm. Well yes, it is all pretty much in my head, but it will be good. And there is always "The Movie"...

*epic music*

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  1. you wes i has good mics and a 1080p 120FPS camera ... Panasonic HVX-200