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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We're on a boat (Almost)

Me (Wes) and Ryan (Hackee) have started to repair his dad's old wooden rowboat for the next zombie movie. Now you may be wondering why do we need a rowboat, well, it's because we are going to film a completely different zombie film. We had to postpone the other one due  to the fact that Andrew is never around. But fear not, this idea is better. We are planning on calling it Dead Waters and the setting will mostly be on a rowboat, that's why we need to fix this one. Yeah, so, I 'm a little nervous, we have never even come close to doing anything as hard as this, but if we pull it off it will by far be our best film yet. I foresee many technical challenges to overcome, it will be hard to get all of the right shots while your filming in a river. We think we will have a canoe that will be the filming boat (Canoe) and that should help things a little bit, but how graceful is a canoe whilst floating down a river? I don't really no so I won't answer, but I my suspicions...

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