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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I hope you got that that was a Star Wars reference and not my mind going...

Anyway, we are so close to 1,000 blog views, so seriously, spread the word. Finger warfare is coming along nicely, but FCE is being stupid with the matting so its going kinda slow. I'm taking care to save often, and the muzzle flashes are in sync with the gun shot sounds (in rapid fire). I've finalized the flamethrower though... It will be done soon.

In other news, our class (and grade) is in a softball tourney. In our class it is between the Ginja Ninjas and the Swaggers. I'm on the Swaggers (I didn't pick the name...). So far we've played 2 games and we are tied 1 to 1 (first to 7 wins). If you knew me, you'd know I suck at sports, so imagine my surprise when i actually hit the ball and made it to second... Later on (in the second game) I hit a homerun. So yeah... Does that mean I'm decent at softball and track? HOOZAH! Btw, in track I'm doing high jump and discus (in case you care).

I'm going to go now.
So long (and thanks for all the fish)


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