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What should Tristan's forge be named?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What are one of the jokes Heqet says in The Golden Goble

Well, Donald Trump is running for President, just thought that was cool and uhh well work continues on Finger Warfare. We are going to get the VFX right and to do that with limited software capabilities (ex. We don't have After Effects lolz) it will take some time to complete the video with the wanted requirements. Vituperations spewed forth during one our airsoft videos so it needs a tincy bit more editing to be come public worthy. We are also entering the DQ Mini Blizzard Treatment contest to win a mini coopa troopa, so that will be awesome. We are also FOR THE LAST TIME, wrapping up the basketball vid, we got the helmet cam and we will be doing just a little more work. Wow. So many videos so little hard drive space. We also have two videos that will/probably be filmed of April break. April WTF. This stretch of school is the worst and our school pushed back vacation one week for some stupid reason so the gap between vacations was even longer. Foolish mortals. But after this break its pretty much down hill. Then Summer. And Summer means videos and videos means fun and fun means Jablonsky has risen from a cold grave which means its time for a twitter update. So long.http://twitter.com/#!/Shvesley

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