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Sunday, March 20, 2011

how do you say 11:30 in spanish?

These are some of the best TV shows I have seen. If you have any favorites, send us an email, or comment.

Heroes- It's brilliant character development will keep you going to the end.

Firefly- Epic sci fi western  feel.

FlashForward - Amazing book adaption, the plot twists will give you chills and leave you begging for more

Psych- Funniest show I have ever seen. Period.

The Walking Dead- Better than pretty much every zombie movie ever made. Seriously.

Band of Brothers- This is probably the best miniseries ever made. If you have not seen this you are missing out one the reason TV has stuff other than news.

Pillars of the Earth- An epic adaption of the epic book, you named it, Pillars of the Earth.

24- Action in real time.

tnac knith yna erom won ot derit, More will be posted later.....


  1. Band of Brothers, Psych, and Firefly are all awesome but we only own Band of Brothers and Firefly

    One really good show you guys should base your zombie videos on is the Walking Dead

  2. Psych is AWESOME! My dad and I watch that show on Netflix all the time!